School Consultation

Howard Intervention Center provides a school-based consultation approach to support teachers and staff in scientifically based behavior modification. When working with school districts the identified client/student does not have to have an autism diagnosis, only a need for behavior modification. Howard Intervention Center will observe, assess, and write a behavior modification program for the identified student and train the teacher/team to carry it out to bring a positive change in the environment and student.

Howard Intervention Center is THE go-to resource for local schools when they need supplemental ABA therapy services to meet new challenges and reach behavior goals. We provide a range of support, for in-school and/or home-bound/schooled students.  

Does your school need SCHOOL WIDE Behavior INTERVENTION?

Howard Intervention Center has Board Certified Behavior Analysts who can help your school implement proven strategies to improve student outcomes, reduce problem behaviors and bullying, reduce suspensions, increase on-task behaviors, and promote student success with a focus on prevention.Our School Consulting services take various forms based on the unique needs of the school, student, or teacher. All our services are highly individualized. Our clinical staff works with students and teachers on-site in the classroom as well as via telehealth if needed

The best of the best from our clinical staff make up our School Consulting team. All team members are Board Certified Behavior Analysts or Registered Behavior Technicians.

We provide the following services

  • Functional Behavior Assessments (FBAs) when maladaptive behavior interferes with learning.
  • Behavior Intervention Plans (BIPs), outlining recommended intervention strategies.
  • Individual ABA therapy and data collection, such as One-on-One Therapy, group therapy, and educational support programs.
  • Caregiver training for parents, guardians, teachers and educational teams.