What We do

We help families overcome the behavioral and life challenges of Autism

Howard Intervention Center, Inc. is an ABA therapy and developmental center that provides all day center-based services for preschool aged children 2-6 years, after school center based therapy for ages 7-21. At Howard Intervention Center, Inc. We provide a center-based approach to increase opportunities for socialization and generalization of all skills. We also provide home-based and evening services to accommodate our families based on their needs.  We believe in putting the client first. Our Center provides a well-designed program that modifies instruction based on the clients’ current abilities. Each client has their own therapist dedicated to their specific program. Our clinical director will closely supervise and monitor the progress of each client.

Our Center teaches self-help and safety skills, as well as builds language, communication, and comprehension skills. We set challenging goals for our team and clients. We track progress on each skill domain carefully.

Our program is developed and managed by highly trained professionals who tailor the program to each child’s needs. Our team of therapists implement the plans and participate in ongoing training and team meetings to ensure consistency and progress.